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Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

2.3.6+4585 by Volka Entertainment Limited
(0 Reviews) July 08, 2024
Taonga Island Adventure: Farm Taonga Island Adventure: Farm Taonga Island Adventure: Farm Taonga Island Adventure: Farm Taonga Island Adventure: Farm Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

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July 08, 2024
Volka Entertainment Limited
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More About Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

Build your own farm as you join in the Taonga Island Adventure. Start building your island and making friends with the neighbors, create a farm in your own style, and discover a whole new lease of life.
Chill out on your idyllic paradise farm, then prepare yourself for fun and adventure as you undertake tasks and quests to bag yourself some goodies. This is a great place to make friends, fall in love, and rear animals, as you enjoy the stunning landscapes and visuals. You are never alone in this farming game.

Explore, build, sow, reap, grow, and learn new things every day. This is no ordinary adventure, it’s the one and only Taonga Island Adventure.

Manage the best island farm the locals will have ever seen. Share your produce, rear your animals, collect the eggs from your hens, invite friends to join you on quests, and find gems to exchange for goods.

Discover the talents of the other islanders, and help each other to build communities that feel like family. Start your own family! Your farming life begins here, make it the best it can possibly be.

Create a lifestyle, not just a farm! Farming with friends is much more fun, create a world where everyone wants to hang out with you.

Jump on the boat and explore the islands. Find things unique to your Taonga Island Adventure. Discover why this is one of the best farm games around.

Introduce your family and friends to Taonga, share the farm adventure as you grow crops, and reap your harvest as a team. Build the best life in the most perfect setting; and what could be better than your own family farm!

That mysterious letter from your uncle brought this exciting farm game into your life. Do him proud!

Taonga isn’t just about building your farm, there is so much more to do:

- Explore the landscape: and take your friends and family with you.

- Grow food: that you can eat or use to barter for other goods you need.

- Rear animals: give them all the love and caring they need to grow big and strong.

- Gather resources: complete tasks and collect rewards to build the best life.

- Use your animals: milk the cows and collect eggs to eat and share with your neighbors.

- Make friends: you’re never alone on Taonga, and don’t need to be.

- Build: renovate your farm buildings so you have the best pad around.

- Work hard: and play hard.

- Fall in love: find the island partner of your dreams.

What are you waiting for? We are constantly developing new ideas to improve your gaming experience - so it’s time to join in with all the fun on Taonga Island.

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